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Pulpit rock

This site was originally donated by Mr Harry Poile

1939 - 2014

CWO Harry Poile MMM CD

Harry served a full career with the Canadian Military Engineers – the highlight being his appointment as 1 Combat Engineer Regiment Regimental Sergeant Major 1990-1992.
Harry was born in Shellbrook, SK in 1939 and moved to Chilliwack as a young boy. He joined the local Engineer Cadet Corps and then the militia in 1955 when he was old enough. In 1960 Harry joined the Regular Army as a Field Engineer and was posted to 2 Field Squadron in Gagetown later that year after completion of his basic training.
In 1965 Harry was posted to 4 Field Squadron at Werl Germany and moved back to Vedder Crossing with and 3 Field Squadron after completion of that tour. In October 1973 Harry was sent to Egypt for a year as part of the UN Emergency Force. He returned home the next year and later that year he moved on to 5 Field Squadron at Valcartier for a 3 year tour.
Upon completing his Valcatier Tour, Harry returned to Vedder Crossing with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. In 1981 Harry returned to Germany for four years but this time in Lahr with 4 Combat Engineer regiment. He then returned to Chilliwack and 1 Combat Engineer Regiment and became 1 CER RSM upon promotion to CWO in 1988. In April 1991 Harry deployed to Kuwait with the Regiment as part of the UN Iraq/ Kuwait Observer Mission. On completion of this tour Harry was posted to his final tour at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering as the Standards CWO.