The "Boy" Soldiers
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Grateful acknowledgement to George Will

-Retired Sapper, and former "Boy Soldier",

for his input and guidance in the preparation

of this document, and for the kind donation

of this replica CTTC Hat Badge pictured above right.

The Sapper Apprentices and Militia are often referred to as

"Boy Soldiers". The real "Boy Soldiers" were actually

the predecessors of Sapper Apprentices. In fact, there really

was a rank called "Boy". It referred to those soldiers in the Canadian

Technical Training Corps (CTTC) that had not yet reached

the age of 17 1/2 years. Many of these became RCE.

Organized in 1943, to provide tradesmen for the Canadian Army,

the CTTC lasted until 1945.

The last "Boy Soldier" retired from the CF around 1982.

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